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  • Enterest EDR Workbench Suite – revolutionizing XDR Management

The EDR Workbench Suite is a highly generic XDR-processing engine paired with unmatched interactive configuration support and control. Optimized for dealing with XDRs in all shapes and sizes, data flow, business logic and high volumes, you can rapidly configure EDR Workbench to meet your individual requirements in little time.

EDR Workbench supports a wide variety of use cases. Like no other solution in this area does it support highly individual point-solutions just as well as standard processing scenarios.

Sample areas of application are:

  • Mediation
  • Pre-Processing
  • Roaming
  • Zoning / Rating
  • Real-Time
  • Test-XDR-Generation
  • XDR-Conversion
  • Revenue Recovery
  • XDR-Viewing / Editing
  • XDR-Analysis
  • and many more.

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Carrier Call delivers you a powerful business operations system with operating support system enhancements for all your voice business processes. Call minute trading and rating is a highly complex business, with hundreds of changing factors continuously. Dealing with high volume of information and making decisions based on an continuously flood of information requires a rock solid and proven system for your daily business. Our solution brings you in front of your competition and can fully automates your business. New version
4.0 out in January 2006.

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  • Telco Bill 2.0 (TM) (Telecom Bill Presentment ,Analysis & Management System), by Ergon Informatik AG, Switzerland

In today’s telecommunications market, customers are attracted by more than low prices alone. Business customers in particular demand additional services from their provider. Customers choose and stay with the service provider that best meets their business needs and lets them control their use of telecom services. A better understanding of their employees’ call behavior allows them to optimize the subscription of such services.

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A state of the art Mediation and Billing System for retail and Inter Carrier Billing , in particular suitable for NGN services, VOIP, Data, Triple Play, Quad Play and Multimedia content billing.

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Press Releases

May 2011

Barclay Technologies through TelecomAdvisors International  now represented also in Spain.

Barclay Technologies extended the distribution agreement with Telecom International SA and is now also represented in Spain. The available know-how of the distributor from Panama is now also applied in the Spanish market.

Under the motto "why not taking advantage of existing relationships twice" the expansion of the distribution agreement was decided. Francesco Fucile, Sales Director at Barclay Technologies (Schweiz) AG sees many advantages therein: "With the great knowledge about our solutions, TelecomAdvisors can also use its relationships in Spain".

TelecomAdvisors International SA (TAI) provides more than twelve years experience in the Latin American market and is active as a distributor of security and telecom related solutions in Spain since 2005. With local partners (VARs), they serve clients such as the Telefonica Group.

Gabriel Ortiz Alarcia, Regional Manager of TAI for Spain and Portugal said: "Many of the companies established in Spain, are also represented in the Latin American market. The decisions however are precipitated from the headquarters, so a local presence with Certus Lateo® in Spain is very important. Cooperations within the Spanish market are therefore a win-win situation for Barclay Technologies and also for us. In addition, Spain has in our view a very great potential, since the decisions on purchases in the security are closely linked to the TCO, and the one of Certus Lateo® is very convincing"


December 2008

Enterest GmbH in Germany and TelecomAdvisors International S.A. headquartered in Panam City, R.P. agree a Distributor agreement for latin America and the Caribean, Spain and Portugal.

ENTEREST provides flexible CDR- Management solutions to enable organizations monetize and recover their CDR- revenue stream. ENTEREST's flexible application EDR Workbench delivers next generation CDR- Management capabilities for CDR- browsing and analysis, Test- CDR generation, Pre-Processing, Mediation, TAP/RAP processing, and point-solutions like CDR- format conversion, revenue recovery, splitting, filtering, extraction and much more. ENTEREST's flexible and scalable product-based solutions enable customers to get a grip on their CDRs quickly, providing maximum business value.

ENTEREST was founded in 2003 by the former owners and management of Solution42 AG (Solution42 AG was sold to Portal Software Inc.<http://www.portal.com/> which is now
ORACLE <http://www.oracle.com/>).


May 2007 

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TelecomAdvisors International S.A. (TAI) from Panama City and SNPM IT Solutions from Vienna Austria are pleased to announce, that an exclusive agreement was achieved to distribute the SNPM software solutions with its revolutionary Serial Number Process Management features, in the geografical areas of Latin America and the Caribbean.